Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • dealsnet
    10-14 03:19 PM
    If your employer fully support you on your entry into USA after long stay in India, you are good.
    You may need to show documents, letter from employer, and also he will be ready to answer phone upon entry. (they may ask him whether a job is available for you).
    You can enter before your visa expiry.
    Talk with company lawyer.

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  • vaayu
    07-27 04:02 PM
    It was a nightmare for few weeks but, long story short...I got my new passport after the Embassy cannot find my original I sent for renewal. Please let me know if I need to get it stamped within any timeframe. My current I-797 expires MAY 2010. I have an approved 140 and EAD but my attourney suggested to stay on H1B.

    Appreciate your feedback and help in this matter.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

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  • nfinity
    08-06 02:22 PM
    Looking for a fair priced attorney in Chicago to file a simple Follow To Join petition. Anyone has any advise/contacts?

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  • raj2007
    02-10 02:20 PM
    Hi ,
    Does it impact I140 processing if i am outside US and worked with same employer in India ?
    I have left for india assignment after concurrent filing (I 485 + I 140)
    for 4 weeks and joined back in US for different assignment last year after July filings.
    But i have maintained my old residence status and applied for change of address when i came on different assignment and loaction in US.

    Has any one experienced similar situation ?
    Does on US payroll becoming inactive for some duration ( in my case 4 weeks) make the I40 processing questionable ?
    Can anyone advise ?

    Thanks in advance,


    No it's not a issue.. you are perfectly safe.


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  • neeidd
    12-04 12:22 PM

    your regular employment letter that you get from HR should work. There is no special format for POE.
    Thanks Dude :)

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  • PlainSpeak
    02-10 12:40 PM
    Indeed dot com


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  • satishbsk
    10-29 12:12 PM
    Hi friends,

    Based on the predictions for the November 7th 2006 elections for the House, looks like the democrats will grab a considerable amount of seats,
    viz - Democrats - around 228, Republicans - 205

    What do you guys think based on this? I hope starting from January 2007, there should be some light.

    Thinking ahead, We should work with the democrats, rather than republicans. Citizens of US, who immigrated from India should vote for Democrats and make them win this elections.


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  • vts31
    10-20 04:46 PM
    i did it with paper a while ago.


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  • marcvin76
    02-27 06:39 PM
    hello all..
    im currently living in NJ and my i-140 was approved.. since im on EB3 and my priority date is on 4/2008 i still have some time to wait in order for a visa to be eligible to me..

    my main concern is : i would like to know if its possible for me to obtain a driver license with the approval notice i received from USCIS (i -797c Notice of action).. does my employer will need to fill out any forms for for that to happen ?? if so, what kind of forms :(

    any help is appreciated..

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  • stemcell
    06-15 05:43 PM
    Yes that is correct. IV core member Paskal has been leading this initiative from the front. He will provide an update. If you are part of the IV Physicians group, you may find more information from him.

    Can you let me know how to join the physician group or whom to contact ?


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  • albnfsjia
    08-05 06:24 AM
    OK , thanx 4 reply :)

    u did not understand me well , i have album in other xml file"example" , i want to incorporated in my draft

    how that?

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  • shana04
    03-08 12:13 AM

    After a long time I am logging into IV board. It was difficult period. Moved from TX to VA During January start. It took long to get me a good "matching" job and had to move on EAD. Sent the "proof of employment letter" to lawyer for AC21 notification.

    - BharatPremi

    Please see your PM


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  • reapit
    08-08 02:55 AM

    I needed your advise whether i have a case to file an APPEAL to USCIS granting me 1 yr H1 extension (beyond 6th Yr) instead of 3 yr extension.?

    Recently my 7th yr extension was approved for 1 year in Jul'09 with petition valid date till june'09 (date in the past) . At the time of filling the 7th yr extension, my I140 was not approved but during the processing of my h1 extension my I140 got approved and i had sent the approval copy along with an RFE i recieved in May'09.

    Let me give my case background in details.

    * LC applied in oct'07
    * I-140 applied in May'08 after LC approval
    * 6th yr on H1 ended in June 08
    * had to return India since my LC < 1 yr and I-140 was not approved
    * Employer based on an attorney's advise suggested to apply my 7th yr extension from India once my LC is one yr old (i.e. Oct'08)
    � Mar09- applied 7th yr extension based on Approved LC (> 1 yr old ) and applied I-140
    � Apr09- I-140 approved
    � May09 � Received RFE on H1 extension, replied along with a copy of Approved I-140 hoping to get 3 yrs extension
    � Jul09 � Received approval on H1X extension for 1 year with petition valid till Jun'09 (1 yr extension)

    Appreciate your advise on the same.


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  • subba
    11-02 09:14 AM
    I believe you pay 10% penalty if you withdraw before retirement age, irrespective of whether you reside in the US at time of withdrawal.
    However, note that it *might* be possible to save on taxes because you might have very little other US income in the year you withdraw. One dependency here is what tax laws and treaties your home country has on foreign income.


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  • caydee
    01-04 04:21 PM
    I believe you question has been answered here:

    FREE EB Immigration Advice from a Lawyer | Read more ( | Hear the Recording (

    I have filed 485 for all my family members and received the EAD and AP(s). FP is not done yet. My daughter is in 1st year undergrad. Is there a way my daughter's 485 status can be maintained, if I join my daughter for MBBS study in India? If yes, what would be the option. Apreciate the suggestion

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  • ajay
    11-10 10:56 AM
    Please suggest some attorney who charges less and reliable.


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  • averagedesi
    07-18 12:57 PM
    Looks like I am the only one in this situation... rough!

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  • krishna_brc
    07-30 04:37 PM
    My PD is Feb 2008 and my I-140 has been approved the same year. I am on my H-1b 3 yr extension.
    If I were to change my job now, will I lose my PD or can the new company refile my new I-140?

    Read somewhere in forums that one can retain PD as long as pervious employer does not withdraw the approved I-140.
    Also I-140 is based of future job.... so no worries as long as you work based of your H1.


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  • indianindian2006
    07-25 06:19 PM
    Here is copy of email from ALIPAC.
    Can we try SKIL bill.

    Friends of ALIPAC, The usual suspects like Lindsay Graham, Ted Kennedy, and John Kyl are pushing to add the Dream Act and other illegal alien amnesty language to unrelated bills on the Senate floor TONIGHT! We have reports of attempts to attach these measures to the war funding bill and the Homeland Security funding bill. We need everyone lighting up the DC phone lines and voice mails TONIGHT and THURSDAY, with an urgent message. "Senator _______, do NOT allow any immigration legislation to be added to other bills! We are watching and these measures have already been defeated and should not be placed into law in sneaky ways! No Dream Act! No AgJobs Amnesty Bill! Enforce our existing laws and stop Graham, Kyl, and Kennedy from sneaking Amnesty into law!" Here is the list, and please move quickly! CONTACT INFORMATION for U.S. SENATE & HOUSE You can also watch their discussions and amendment attempts via C-Span2 at The ALIPAC

    07-27 02:50 PM
    I got copies of my receipt from my lawyer 2 days ago. Usually how long does it take to get the FP notice?
    Its anybodys guess....but u r one lucky guy to get ur receipt within 10 days...


    06-29 12:33 PM
    It is ok to have more than 2 in U.S. Again, it all depends on an individual.

    its not good no matter where u r. whats up with having so many kids.. u wanna make US like ur village. I'm telling u ..its just because of this attitude...we have created such a never ending clog for us and society..too much resource consumption of everything creates poor quality of life.

    now step back and think ... why have more than 2 kids?..

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