Sunday, May 29, 2011

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japanese symbols for tattoos. Japanese tattoo styles
  • Japanese tattoo styles

  • wmmk
    Aug 14, 11:44 AM
    You're telling me they haven't recouped costs for designing the things yet? Or that we should always have to pay..
    Of course they've recouped costs for designing products. My point is, if one product has superior design, there is high demand for it. Considering that the global economy is based on supply & demand, well designed products will always cost more than poorly designed products, unless the creator of the product with superior design chooses to discount their product to gain market share and popularity.

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    Mar 17, 09:01 AM
    what exactly is this Karma everyone speaks of? Who brings down the karma, good or bad? Is there a Karma Fairy? Karma Bunny? Karma Leprechaun?

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  • donbadman
    Aug 15, 04:19 PM

    Those dual optical slots in the mac pro, one of them's obviously for a Blue Ray / HD-DVD drive, both of which use HDCP content protection. HDCP isn't supported currently on the ACD.

    I think this is probably the reason for no Blue Ray drive option on the mac pro not price as has been suggested. If you've got customers spending �1400+ on a graphics card I'm sure you can sell a Blue Ray drive for �600 - �700 They sell them here (, so I'm sure Apple could get hold of them.

    This is of course unless Apple's going to seize the opportunity for stealing the thunder from both HD-DVD and Blue Ray. The easiest method for delivering HD content to users is via the internet, Apple is in a perfect position to do so:

    1. It has lots of customers running intel macs all of which support at least 720p in the proper 16:9 aspect ratio, this is a huge untapped market which already has the equipment to view HD content, especially in areas such as the UK where HDTV sales have been very slow and finding content is almost impossible.

    2. It has iTunes.

    3. The whole HDCP, HDMI, HDTV debacle with 1st gen investors in equipment unable to view content. Apple could have a field day with this one, even better than the jibes at ms.

    4. it could avoid the HDCP content protection in favour of the itunes variant, thereby negating the need for new displays whilst providing that much needed ease of use to consumers, and satisfying the studios.

    So that second optical slot could be rendered useless, there'd be no need for new displays, we'd see the widescreen ipod and Apple laughs all the way to the bank...

    japanese symbols for tattoos. japanese symbols for tattoos. Japanese+symbols+for+love+; Japanese+symbols+for+love+. bugfaceuk. Apr 9, 09:26 AM. Heh, you put quot;REALquot; in caps. :p
  • japanese symbols for tattoos. Japanese+symbols+for+love+; Japanese+symbols+for+love+. bugfaceuk. Apr 9, 09:26 AM. Heh, you put quot;REALquot; in caps. :p

  • Mac-Mariachi
    Apr 16, 01:15 AM
    I want My next iPhone to look like this,


    That looks awesome! It is just missing the flash in the back camera (one can dream) Front camera looks be VERY cool.

    But I�d like it better if they could get rid of the black antena thing... perhaps in the iPhone Wi-Fi only? :D


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  • maclaptop
    Apr 26, 08:23 AM
    Yeah, it's just a big enough change that a new case would have to be bought :rolleyes:

    Only if you want to use it as a phone :)

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  • MattZani
    Apr 6, 05:36 PM

    2 tickets to see Source Code, brilliant.


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  • leekohler
    Apr 18, 12:38 PM
    Left handed people have always been persecuted and represent a significantly larger portion of society than homosexuals, plus they tend to do well in society regardless of the persecution.

    It's already been explained to you that left-handedness is mentioned in history classes. Why do you have a problem with gay people being discussed? WHY?

    Answer the question, although I think I already know your answer.

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  • OdduWon
    Jul 24, 02:33 PM
    wow:eek: did apple change their site to kill the ipod killer:confused:
    (edit) oooh you got me for....... about five seconds


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  • japanese symbols tattoo

  • Mousse
    Jul 28, 12:22 PM
    The Volt should sell for no more than $20,000. What a ripoff!!!!


    How do you figure? A comparable gas powered car is in the $30,000+ range. Hybrids have always been higher priced than equivalent gas powered cars. Electric even higher priced than hybrids. Besides, a early adopters are paying for the development cost in addition to the production cost.

    Anyhow, I'll only be interested once it hits the road. I've been hearing a production model is coming next year for a few years now.:rolleyes:

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  • Rodimus Prime
    Apr 24, 03:06 PM
    It might be. But A lot of tech companies out there are very, very averse to risk and are slow to change.

    then why does Apple keep terminal which is nothing more than Apple version of command prompt.

    Command prompt IT like it because it is simple and straight forward in getting things done they want/need to get done. No special eye candy to jump threw. It does its job. It is not exactly meant to super user friendly to use as those tools are not meant for most people to use in daily lives and if it was put to eye candy it would clutter up menus and make it harder for the average person.

    Example of things I use cmd for is when I am testing or creating java programs. It is heck of a lot easier to do javac *****.java followed by java *** to run it.
    Or if I just want some basic text or basic output to see if said program is working cmd is just plain better for it. Hell of a lot easier to program output on there than it is to created a gui window and I have to import less crap.

    It is not like it is something that would be put in a final product but is much better for testing and programing phases. Also do not forget a lot of tools/ programs do not have any out put so you access threw command prompt.

    I know apple terminal is more or less the exact same damn thing.
    People who say get read of cmd or terminal to me complete prove they do not understand computers/programing at all. All they understand is a how to point and click and use a computer designed for dummies. cmd is not something a majority of people need but any higher level IT/programing it is a very good tool that should not go away.


    japanese symbols for tattoos. Japanese Tattoo Gallery
  • Japanese Tattoo Gallery

  • err404
    May 2, 11:59 AM
    It's taking a lot on trust to just click 'Accept' and most of the time it's OK... But check out the South Park episode for how it could go wrong..! :)

    The location collection opt-in is NOT simply tied to agreeing to your TOS/EULA. It's a fairly clear and concise dialog and entirely optional:

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  • RichP
    Oct 19, 11:11 AM
    Two can play at that game. I still have the 400 shares I bought in 1997.

    Do the math. :)

    Damn! Can only wonder what it cost back then..those were dark days back then...


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  • letaalio
    Jan 5, 05:19 PM
    It's hard to believe that you guys are making this effort to not "spoil".

    Yeah, it is kind of wierd, considering this is MacRumours, where mostly everyone comes to find out about Apple stuff before it is actually announced :rolleyes:

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  • nemaslov
    Oct 11, 11:07 AM
    we all know this was (is) coming so if you just bought an new updated iPod so what? I just bought an 80GB which is already full of music. I don't want a wide screen TV Movie version. For me "it's the music stupid." *

    I for one feel that this wide screen video pod should be just another great option but please keep the other ones too.

    * the last time i wrote this line, someone in the UK got pissed that I was calling people here stupid. Those in the US should recall the Clinton 92 campain..."it's the economy stupid."



    japanese symbols for tattoos. of the Japanese symbols
  • of the Japanese symbols

  • Mexbearpig
    Apr 13, 09:54 PM
    Got some new running shoes at the Nike Factory Store. These will make a huge difference from my vans.
    Also got some Polo Ralph Lauren all white canvas landers. I walked into journeys planning to get some vans and wanted their version of docksiders. Unfortunately they only had smaller sizes. So these seemed good enough.
    Also a pack of 5pairs of no show socks for the landers.

    japanese symbols for tattoos. japanese character tattoos
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  • weg
    Jan 15, 05:23 PM
    the apple remote is an optional extra! like the superdrive, theres an optional extra ethernet USB adapter.

    The price of the "Superdrive" ($99) is the real revolution. I've paid more than twice as much just for replacing the Combodrive of my Powerbook G4 with a Superdrive...

    Now if Apple would start charging reasonable prices for RAM...


    japanese symbols for tattoos. character tattoo” or “japanese
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  • Tomorrow
    May 4, 03:04 PM
    Not sure what's medically relevant about owning or not owning a gun, but still, why penalize a doctor for asking and not, say, a teacher, clergyman, mechanic, dry cleaner, etc.? It doesn't make any sense.

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  • toes
    Nov 23, 06:38 PM
    Not sure about the AP Express (it's not on Apple's printed "Joy to the Wallet" sale list) ... Here it is again:

    "Joy to the Wallet" sale only on black friday '06:

    iMac: $898-$1958
    MacBook: $998-$1398
    .Mac: $68
    iPod Nano (except Reds): $138-$228
    iPod: $228-$318
    Wireless Mighty Mouse: $58
    Shure earphones: $78-$238
    Contour iPod Cases: $14-$24
    Belkin TuneBase FM: $58
    JBL On Stage Micro: $78
    JBL Spot Speakers: $108
    LaCie Hard Drives: $148-$888
    Incase Sling Pack: $48
    Xtreme Mac Micro Memo Voice Recorder: $48
    Sonic Impact Video-55 Display: $238
    Nike+iPod Sport Kit: $24

    The "red" iPod nanos and the new ipod shuffle remain at the same prices...

    Well, then you add tax and you would be better of buying online at free-shipping, no-tax options. Applestores are nice, to look at stuff, but no good for anything else (especially lousy are the 'so-called' genius bars).
    Just my 2c, t.

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  • ironsienna
    Apr 30, 04:40 AM
    That's interesting. The way you used a capital letter at the start of the sentence reminded me of my new project, available soon etc,,..

    Hilarious :p

    Now that Im looking on that though, I think that they got the idea from the tea round app site:

    The slider looks so similar to the older - new ical design

    Mar 24, 08:18 PM
    It's drifting off topic. I'm not going to turn a "Happy Birthday OS X" thread into a the time honoured "Windows sucks" debate. If anyone wants to discuss it then I suggest they create a new thread called "Windows vs Mac part 677249 (cont)"

    Apr 19, 01:54 PM
    It's their job, we just have to deal with it. A few months back, a TSA agent groped my junk. I joked with him, "Linger any longer and you'll have to buy me dinner.";) He didn't even crack a smile.

    Probably the 5th time he heard that crack that shift. :)

    I wonder what comment would actually get them to crack a smile. Sort of like baiting the Guards at Buckingham Palace to crack a smile.

    Apr 8, 04:20 PM
    Perhaps! New Hardware is coming out (iMacs???) and the promo will be a buy a Mac get an iPad for $X.

    One could dream...

    Aug 6, 04:24 PM
    If GM had listed the Volt for a good price they'd have a major hit on their hands. This way, it's just gonna die quietly, and then they'll complain about the world not being ready for hybrids. :rolleyes:

    Machead III
    Sep 12, 07:54 AM
    If they can't be burnt to DVD they're gonna have to be mad cheap.

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