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  • Ardchoille
    Jan 15, 08:31 PM
    I find the comments and whining on this forum absolutely amazing. Surely a Windows forum would have fewer complaints about Apple.

    I don't own an iPhone; I have no use for Time Capsule; and I don't want to rent movies. However, I am happy for those people who find these products useful.

    I use my computer basically for email and writing reports (still doing them in Appleworks!), and I travel around a lot with my iBook. The MacBook Air really interests me. I don't need a powerful chip for that. I don't need a lot of hard drive space for that. For me, Air is quite tempting, although I might get a MacBook Black instead until the bugs are worked out of Air (price with 2 gigs is roughly the same for the two machines). I am prepared to pay the same for less because I know I am paying for the latest and new toys cost more.

    It seems that many of the complainers expected Jobs to phone them first to ask what they wanted. They also want the very latest technology for very little money.

    Thanks, Apple. Enjoyed today!

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  • jonharris200
    Jan 5, 04:23 PM
    If I recall correctly (prob. not) Apple use to have the keynote live on TV that people could pick up with old c-band sat. recievers. What ever happend to that?
    Yeah, and before that - like gazillions of years ago - Apple used to stream it as a pre-historic cave painting (animated, of course). 'Direct to a den near you' was the tag-line. Anyone else remember that? :D

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  • Play Ultimate
    Oct 3, 12:44 PM
    iPhone will come out before X'mas.

    Actually I would predict a video iPod before Xmas; with a possible announcement right around the time Zune is released.

    iPhone I don't see until next year sometime.

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  • mrw00tastic
    Apr 25, 12:43 PM
    If that is a guy holding that phone he needs to cut those nails...Damn hippy!

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  • BoyBach
    Jul 26, 04:48 PM
    A funny article about Zune's new software etc, and what it means for PlayForSure:

    Switched On: The next PlaysForSure ad (

    Microsoft. Your products. Our prerogative.

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  • JayMysterio
    Dec 9, 06:29 PM
    heres what i enjoyed doing best with this game:

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  • marclapierre13
    Nov 14, 06:16 PM
    anyone read my post at the top of the page.

    anyone else having problems joining team death with a party of 2 or more?

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  • 3N16MA
    Apr 29, 01:39 PM
    Steve really likes magic. Is he a magician?

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  • prady16
    Oct 11, 09:45 AM
    I am leaning towards a new iPod product before the end of the year for two reasons:

    1) Zune is being release, Apple needs to steal the limelight here.
    2) The last iPod update was a huge deal for the Nano and a non-event for the 5G iPod.
    Thats a good call!

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  • Drag'nGT
    Oct 6, 12:02 PM
    The ad is very good and does point out that AT&T has a long way to go. I'm not sure why AT&T is that far behind but whatever. I still have great phone service with AT&T, almost no dropped calls and the ability to change phones with the swap of a sim card. Life is good. :cool:

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  • sartinsauce
    Oct 17, 09:30 AM
    It's VHS vs. BETAMAX all over again. Hopefully this time, the superior technology will prevail.

    You know, I was going to suggest that, but I figured it would be over the heads of most of the folks in this forum. Needless to say, we're both grandpa's (grandma's) around here.

    Similar characterstics to that format war. Betamax (Blu-Ray) has superior image quality, but VHS (HD DVD) is cheaper to produce. Ultimately, production costs may be the deciding factor in this war. Backward compatibility with (SD) DVD is a nice added bonus, if the manufacturers put decent upconverters into the boxes. What's up with Sony and it's effing production line anyway? Delays, delays, delays. They're full of it these days.

    On the way in to work this morning, I was thinking that HD DVD is about to win this war. If PS3 tanks, Blu-Ray may be lost forever.

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  • TheNewDude
    Nov 8, 02:09 PM
    Yeah, pre-ordered mine at Best Buy. Will go there tomorrow and pick up my copy!! A busy weekend coming up!!!

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  • -aggie-
    Apr 15, 03:58 PM
    That doesnt look right.
    Square on the sides instead of the way it is now.
    And whats that wide slot on the side?
    Also theres traces of photoshop usage on those pics they say.

    Besides, why would anyone especially want this? At least if you're going to PS, make it a good one.

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  • wrldwzrd89
    Apr 7, 10:48 AM
    Another rumor - Windows History Vault will make its debut in Windows 8, inspired by Apple's Time Machine feature:

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  • nmrrjw66
    May 6, 10:15 AM
    This is a little ridiculous. Is it really a big deal to answer simple questions about firearms? Gun owners should be happy to answer questions about their safety practices. It should also be perfectly reasonable to simply decline to answer those questions.

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  • MacSA
    Sep 12, 08:05 AM
    You can't even check on orders already placed at The store is down.

    thats what happened last wednesday before the iMacs/Minis were released. New hardware must be coming out today.

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  • dethmaShine
    Apr 29, 04:43 PM
    They are currently sorted into the four categories first, and then alphabetically in those categories. It seems Lion is throwing everything together and doing away with categories

    The categories are still there. Arrange alphabetically was just another option.

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  • cantthinkofone
    Apr 3, 08:35 PM
    Can't the police get a warrant for the IP address? I think if they have a warrant above their heads they might "find" a IP address. All the information they get from a xbox or 360 that gets on XBL they HAVE to know the IP.

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  • AppliedVisual
    Oct 17, 01:22 PM
    $4,000 for a TV? Quoting an commercial for Circuit City or Best Buy(?) when asking people about "HD", one of the answers was "Wicked expensive...."

    Just about any major electronics purchase at CC or BB is "wicked expensive". They're both known for listing large ticket items higher than MSRP. I paid $3600 for a new 71" Samsung from an authorized deal with white-glove delivery, they even called me a week later to see if I was still happy with it or if I wanted to swap it for something else. BestBuy wanted over $5K for a two year old 73" Mitsubishi or nearly $6200 for the same Samsung set I bought (price included delivery - ooooooh). :rolleyes: MSRP on that 71" Samsung is $4,499. Where does BB (or rather the Magnolia Center in BB) get off charging a $1,200 premium over MSRP? ...Should be a law against that.

    ...But then again, other than the occasional DVD or small purchase I never shop there. It just gives me that sick to the stomach feeling knowing I'm buying something from a place that charges $100 for a $5 cable on a daily basis.

    But the general consumer is oblivious to most of this. They don't understand the products, let alone whether or not they're getting a fair deal. ...Sad, really.

    Oct 28, 04:04 PM
    "It's mine and you can't have it, with you I will not share it, cause if I share it with you, you'll have it to!"
    Thats Apple's theme song.

    Apr 23, 10:07 PM
    How about establishing a "thanks" button? If we feel the post merits a thank you as it's really helpful we hit that.

    Apr 22, 01:11 PM
    On IE7 whenever I click either the "up" or "down" arrow I get taken back to the forum index.

    Same here.
    It was working fine yesterday but today it just takes me to the forum index.
    I got IE9 installed btw.

    Apr 25, 01:19 PM
    The phone is always to big and the screen is never big enough... LOL

    I'd rather have them trim the non screen edges than to increase the screen size... But hey, that's just me... And trim a little on the top and bottom also :)

    Apr 8, 02:01 PM
    I wonder what the special promotion is.

    Probably in the form of "bundles" where you're required to buy an iPad with their special accessory packs just so they can push overpriced accessories out of the door.

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