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tia mowry husband

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  • ck_b2001
    07-02 02:04 PM

    Making all EB visas current was not the right decision in the first place. That will just shift the backlog from one side to another. The only good thing was interim EAD and AP. When the visa bulletin will come out in mid Sep for FY2008 it will not be too bad provided they have already adjucated 60,000 cases in Jun and would be willing to accept more cases. The dates had already moved quite ahead in Jun 07. In Oct it may turnout to be "C" for some categories and show significant movement for others.
    I hope we can still use our current medicals provided it is no later than on yr. we may have to sign the documents again with new sign date.

    I am devastated myself but thats all we can do at this point. i really dont think lawsuit will do any good. uscis knows what they were doing. Though all this may help in creating a momentum for CIR, Skill Bill once again.

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  • bombay_rail
    01-13 02:43 AM

    I am in my 6th year H1B which is getting expired on Feb 20th 2007. My I140 is approved couple of months back. My employer has applied for the H1B Extension for 3 years on Jan 8th. According to the current status, I will not get my H1B extension papers until March 2007.

    My work contract with the client is getting over by Feb 28 and the chances of extension are almost zero. Since my relation with my employer is on a contractual basis, any thing can happen once my work contract is over.

    Question 1:

    How does it work if I loose the job before the approval of my H1B (I will have the receipt notice) and also I have to change the employer at the same time?
    Can some one let me know about this?

    Question 2:

    Due to the above confusion, I am debating with me, should I file the H1B extension in premium process or not?
    The reason for this thought is, if I loose the job I have to search only for the job and need not to worry about the legalities. I simply have to transfer the H1B to the new employer.

    What about the expert�s opinion on this?

    Any advices on this would be much appreciated.

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  • jcrajput
    09-26 11:37 AM
    Mine rejected case has status "OTHER REASONS" and receipt number is voidand it starts with "MSC". I did not receive package back yet.
    Anyone knows what that means?
    Thank you,

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  • pappu
    05-26 10:08 PM


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  • cnachu2
    04-01 12:14 PM

    I am planning to send papers to my father, but i am Not able to see appointments available dates for Visitor Visa in Hyderabad. Always it says not available. Did any one see the dates, if so please let me know how i can check for the same. Now i am checking from rzNQQlVUYCAkw0vmE5cfJtSUotlweZu

    Thank You,

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  • badal
    11-01 06:59 AM
    thanks for putting that into perspective!
    I am getting driven nuts as I see the plight of those stuck in name check for years. It is so sad that some of us have had to hold life's decisions waiting for a piece of paper.. thanks anyways.


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  • fromnaija
    09-08 02:19 PM
    Since the mistake is by you, you will have to pay the fee when you send your card for replacement.

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  • REEF�
    05-16 05:20 PM
    Thanks :).


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  • karthik204
    03-30 03:46 PM

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  • bitnbyte
    05-05 04:49 PM
    Your 9 month initial stay will not be counted as you stayed 1 year out of usa.

    So total L1 period is 13 months so far. and Total of l1+h1 is 6 years. so you can have 4 years + 9 months on H1 and your initial H1 will be for 3 years


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  • mrsr
    07-09 08:08 PM
    How about this idea?

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  • joshibuwa
    08-06 10:08 PM
    I have probably a strange case .In 2007 when all the dates were current my employer filed I-140 & I485 at the same time in EB2 . I have received AP and EAD both according to standard procedure.I have maintained my H1B status. Then after a month or so I have received I-140 rejection due to different job requirement and I am overqualified for the job so my attorney interfiled new I-140 under EB3 without worrying about I 485 thinking since I 140 is denied it should nullify I485 under EB2 . In the mean time USCIS sent me a new I-485 receipt # . I got my I 140 approved in another six months under EB3 and now I have two I 485 receipt numbers as well as two A numbers. Both of the receipts when I checked the status show that it is under initial review. Shall I call USCIS and get rid of the initial I485 which is under EBII . Anyone had this kind of experience??


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  • rkanth12
    08-27 02:08 PM
    Hi guys,

    I am in real need of suggestions for attorneys in the area. I am in PA, and need a good attorney (since mine just dropped off the face of the earth). Don't really care where he/she is, but I want to go with someone that it's been suggested by other immigrants, rather than other attys.
    Please reply with suggestions. I appreciate it.


    PMed you. Let me know if you need any more information.

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  • Tushita
    09-20 05:11 PM
    After the biometrics done, what happens next and what is the time frame for EAD, travel documents and I-485 card to be issued? Or What next after the biometrics are done? Please advise.



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  • mr_rajeevsaxena
    06-26 09:48 AM
    Hello Everyone,

    We are currently evaluating our options of starting a business on EAD, which should be coming within 3 months of filing of I485 in July. Does anyone know if I or my wife can start a business on EAD, are there any issues with it?


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  • gc28262
    01-09 11:40 PM
    I want to apply AP for my daughter without lawyer's help. I didn't apply for her when I applied my 485 and AP but her 485 has been applied and I have the RN. Is it straightforward process. Since I applied for 485 July 2nd can't file electronically and must use old fee?.

    Also in the application instructions under intial evidence section it saysAn explanation or other evidence showing thecircumstances that warrant issuance of anadvance parole document; orWhat does this mean, do I have to write an explanation letter :confused:

    AP is comparatively simple. You don't need to have a lawyer. Please go through all instructions carefully.
    Yes you need to write a brief letter explaining why you need AP. You can say for family visit, family function ( if any ) etc.
    I recommend applying online.


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  • waiting4gc02
    01-20 12:23 PM
    Our( my wife of H4 and me on H1) currently have visas stamped till end of Feb'07.

    Now, I am going to file for my extension.

    The question is that if my wife travels out of US before end of Feb, according to my lawyer we do not need to file foe her extension.

    When she is to come back the lawyer says that she would get her H4 visa based on either my pending application or approved extension.

    Is this possible, that without filing for her extension she can get her H4 in Delhi stamped, based on my extension application..??

    Please share your thoughts.. I am perplexed..!!!


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  • vikramWrites
    02-04 01:32 PM
    Hi, I am an Indian citizen working on a H1b visa. I need a Canadian tourist visa (TRV). I am planning to go to the Canadian consulate in Detroit. Would you know if Canadian Detroit consulate allows walk-in visa appointments. Is there any specific day or time when they permit walk-ins and how long does it take to get stamping. If Detroit does not, does consulate at Seattle or Buffalo allow walk-ins.

    Will really appreciate if you can share your experience.

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  • 90210
    05-03 06:51 PM

    I just received my EAD now. Though I am a 485 july filer, applied for EAD only in January.

    My 6 th year H1 will come to end in Oct. Because 180 days since 485 filing is over, I want to use AC21 and change the Employer now, and I am thinking why to go again for H1. I have the EAD, and why not use it, though I will be joining another desi employer.
    Does it seem the right thing to do? But everyine else I know changing the employer but again going for H1. Then why at all we have EAD.

    I understand that if GC is rejected, and if we are on H1, we don't have to leave. But if GC is rejected, I really don't care. Even if I get the GC, I want to go to Mera Bharath Mahaan.

    1. What are your thoughts on this?

    2. One thing I am still not clear on is: If EAD renewal is delayed next year, and if I don't receive the approval in time (i.e. before the expiry of my current EAD) will I be out of status because no H1 and no EAD?

    3. I am thinking there is no waiting period of 180 days etc from the EAD approval date to join another employer. Please correct me if this wrong.

    4. If I use EAD, what is the status of my family without H4?

    05-26 03:26 AM
    Hi nburch!
    That is a request that I have heard plenty about. I will try my best to find some time to create some examples of all this, and it is very unfortunate that we haven't documented some of these cool things properly.


    04-15 01:48 PM
    Guys i am new to the forum
    I know its a tough one to guess but

    any idea what could be
    Most Optimistic Outlook for Eb2
    Most pestimestic Outlook for Eb2
    Median Outlook for Eb2?

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