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  • martinvisalaw
    09-23 03:40 PM
    Your wife is fine. There is a CIS memo that specifically says that her H-4 status is not employer-specific. The only thing is that she will have a different expiration date to you. She would no get admitted for any longer than her visa, even showing your H-1B approval.

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  • gcpuzzle
    03-10 03:39 PM
    As as long as your job title says software engineer and your job description is close enough, you should be fine. Junior .. senior doesn't matter and they are pretty common.

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  • new_horizon
    01-02 03:01 PM
    AFAIK those who filed after July 30, 2007 filed with the new fee, and do not have to pay the fee for the EAD. However you can't e-file, but have to send in your paper application form.

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  • kshitijnt
    09-29 11:06 PM
    I am currently working as Programmer Analyst for a company who is currently doing the GC. I have been with them for about 7 years.

    Starting next month I am going to use my H1 7th year.

    I am pondering about a new offer Firmware Engg. My GC detaisl are below:
    PD: 06/2003 -- EB3
    Education: MS

    I am planning to stay in H1B, if possible with the new employer. But thinking of doing PERM and see if I can port my earlier date during I-140 filing.

    Any suggestions or recommendations ...



    Better to agree on terms beforehand


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  • illusions
    04-03 09:48 AM
    If you have e-mails that's good enough. No need to be scared, if you feel that you have not done anything illegal there is nothing to be afraid of. If your prev. employer starts to threaten in any way play it smart and try and get him to write e-mails, you can use that against him. Always consult a lawyer first to discuss the pro's and cons.

    Good luck.

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  • zeorist123
    03-19 12:02 PM


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  • sameer2730
    09-10 12:10 PM
    There is a discrepancy between the dates in the Oct Bulletin on the State Department site and the Mumbai Consulate site for EB3 India. Any information on which one is a typo

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  • seeking_GC
    07-15 06:41 PM
    I guess posting this was the trigger for USCIS to send the approval. I got the CPO mail in my email a few mins ago!

    Hugely Relieved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Let me know if someone else is in the same situation and I can tell my timeline.


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  • akizdetz
    01-14 10:43 PM
    Hi! I'm H1B holder and my company is willing to sponsor the green card. I'm coming from Eastern Europe (Moldova) and in US am working as software developer, I guess it's EB-3, right? I graduated in Romania Bachelor Degree in Mathematics & Computer Science (4 years) and Master Degree in Computer Science & Engineering (2 years). My work experience is more than 7 years. Please advice how to proceed to get this process done properly, legally and fast, reasonably possible and how much time it would probably take. Thanks in advance!

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  • freddyCR
    March 9th, 2005, 12:16 PM
    Thanks for your suggestions.
    It is from our mistakes, that we learn.

    handless's Stamp [Archive] - kirupaForum

    View Full Version : handless's Stamp

    04-16 03:10 PM
    Hey new to kirupa saw the stamp thing figured id throw something up here. not sure if it meets the guidlines or not but ill leave that for you to decide. later.


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  • FinalGC
    06-18 02:31 PM
    Caution for all employees working for illegal employers, who support phoney payroll disbursements back to the people, fund tax payments.


    Indians held in U.S.; immigration racket busted

    Washington: With the arrest of seven Indians, U.S. authorities have claimed to have busted an immigration racket run by an information technology company owner who charged tens of thousands of dollars from expatriates by fraudulently sponsoring their H-1B work visas.

    Nilesh Dasondi, 41, was arrested last week on multiple counts of visa fraud involving Cygate Software and Consulting Inc. which run offices in India and Canada.

    A naturalised U.S. citizen, Dasondi, also a member of the Edison township board in New Jersey, was released after posting a $8,00,000 bail but he must remain under home confinement with electronic monitoring.

    According to court papers cited in Newsday daily, Dasondi is accused of filing federal work visa and immigration documents for six people who did not work for his company between 2003 and 2007, the authorities said.

    All the six have been arrested. In exchange, they made payments of more than $8,50,000.

    The money was used to support phoney payroll disbursements back to the people, fund tax payments and, in some cases, pay for health insurance, authorities said. Dasondi, however, kept for himself the remainder of the cash after the so-called �running the payroll� scheme. Three bank accounts in the name of Cygate were seized. A fourth account in the name of another company Dasondi controlled was also frozen.

    Among those arrested were Kishor Parikh (42), Devang Patel (31) and Chetan Trivedi (40). � PTI

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  • Pasquale
    03-31 02:19 AM
    :mu: widescreen eh?


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  • senk1s
    11-09 06:52 PM
    thanks for sharing your experience

    In our FP - they circled only 485 and we got an lud on 485 ...nothing changed on 765. waiting for the 90 days to schedule an infopass

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  • PDOCT05
    10-01 02:55 PM
    But mine is not. Applied thru the same lawyer on 3rd july. anyone else whose checks were cleared or seen any activity at all.....

    Wait..wait...wait..until u r turn comes ...:)


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  • guy03062
    07-24 07:42 PM
    This is good question and I am too interested to know answer from gurus. Thanks.

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  • addsf345
    08-21 01:15 PM

    stop spamming


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  • cox
    November 17th, 2005, 12:12 AM
    The petals are great, but the ones in the background are distracting to me, as I think you were alluding to. I like the shape and the color a lot.

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  • skp71
    05-29 05:42 PM
    Today I got CODE 1 FP notice, is this a positive sign?

    I requested(May 02nd) USCIS to approve my case using "Cross-Chargeability", since my wife was born in non-retro country. But from June 01st, my PD (India) also becomes current.

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  • pmandappa
    10-25 11:22 AM
    Not sure if I will make the category, but feel that I should consult with a good immigration attorney and explore the option. Who knows? I wish there was a category for people who were doing the work that directly improved the lot of the American people. Not-for-profit is not lucrative nor glamorous, so there should be some incentives :)

    06-04 01:45 PM
    I guess we should ask them to remove the employer's restriction, which is the prime reason for extreme exploitation. H1b should not be restricitive. IV should also address the same. We are looking at the current problem with retrogression only, but what about future aspirants who come on H1.

    H1B quota and H1B related issues are not primary concern of this organization. Greencard retrogression is. It has been that way since the inception 18 months ago.

    We have taken positions to make H1B more workable and have less restrictions on it regarding H1 extensions and H1 transfers and therby opposed major portions of Durbin-Grassley.

    HOwever, right now is not the time to debate and have open discussion on flaws of H1B program.

    This is distraction at minimum and ammo for anti-groups in worst case scenario. Please contribute, send webfaxes, make phones and provide live updates and save this discussion on H1B flaws for slower times.

    02-15 08:04 PM

    There seem to be a positive and negative news this year for EB2s. On the one hand, USCIS surprisingly allocated all their visas last year and that means that EB2 will not receive the (20k/3) visas that they received last year.

    On the other hand because of the bad economy, one would expect that the companies will not be hiring as much EB1s and ROW EB2s as last year plus the DOL is expected to make Labor Certs very strict plus there are postings that software jobs wont make it to EB2.

    I would appreciate it if the number crunching gurus can throw any light on how the rest of this fiscal is gonna be like for EB2s.

    Thanks in advance.

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