Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • juhis
    06-14 06:11 PM
    My case is a bit different.
    I have a 485 filed by a company for future employment.

    Right now my Priority date became current for my current employer and that labor and I140 are approved.

    So can we file multiple 485's with USCIS or do we need to cancel the other 485 to file new 485 with my current employer.

    Height of Greediness

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  • rsrikant
    07-18 01:27 PM
    is it a must to attach employment offer letter along with 140 or 485??
    please advice...

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  • Ramba
    04-06 05:34 PM
    Hi, I have a question.

    1. My colleague crossed 2 years after filing 485. Frustrated with GC processes, he is switching company for better career prospects. He is using his EAD and invoking AC21. Is it possible for me to use his labor? If no, why?

    You can not get two chicken from one egg. One LC can produce one GC only.

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  • thomachan72
    03-04 07:58 AM
    Define your Taste, smell, touch of a Green card?

    I thought most would reply "dark, round and very sour" like the sour grapes :D:D


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  • annieo
    10-17 08:37 PM
    Hi Guys
    I went to local USCIS office today and asked about my case status. My I-485 was filled on 08Feb07 in EB2 category. A lot of people who have fillled I-485 after me, have already received green cards.
    The Immigration lady was very nice and she told me that my case can not be approved as my name check is still pending with FBI. The name check was initiated on 24Feb07. She created a service ticket for me providing a target date of middle of next month. The ticket said that "Please approve asap after getting clearance from FBI". I do not know what does that mean? Still trying to figure out???

    Then I asked about name check status of my dependants. She mentioned that their name check has been resolved which is different from cleared. She created a different SR for my dependants requesting Approval of Green cards as name check has been resolved again giving me mid of next month as target date. Does it mean that my depandants can get approval before my approval?
    Gurus Any idea what should I expect. Do I need to continue to follow up with FBI and senators regarding my name check and collecting information for case file?


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  • JunRN
    08-28 08:45 AM
    They do random inspection on applications. Some people who have no work permit are being inspected if they are working illegally and some are found to be.....even if they do not accept pay or just saying they are volunteers.....

    I guess you're being inspected. If you're not working without a work permit, you should be ok.


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  • sreedhar
    10-11 12:15 PM
    Hello Guys....,

    My and My Spouse I-485 & FP, EAD and AP all checks cleared yesterday and I found the Receipt Number on Back of the Cleared Checks. But when I check the status on the USCIS System. It says check the receipt Number. Is any one face this type of problem....? Please advice. Thank you.

    EB-3 IND 09/2004


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  • psaxena
    08-08 12:40 PM


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  • bestofall
    09-11 01:00 PM
    TO: USCIS National Stakeholders
    FROM: U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services-Community Relations Program
    SUBJECT: USCIS National Stakeholders Meeting � Website Rollout Discussion
    Sept. 18, 2009 @ 2:00pm
    Please join us for a discussion of the newly revised USCIS website (USCIS.gov). This dialogue is scheduled for Friday, September 18th at 2:00 pm in the Tomich Center at 111 Massachusetts Avenue, NW. We hope that you will be able to join us as we provide a visual presentation of the changes to the website and the new functionality that has been added. In addition to the presentation, we will also present a �click-thru� demonstration of the new site to preview the new look and features of the site. An open question and answer session will follow the presentations.
    There will be two ways to attend this meeting:

    In person - if you are available to attend this meeting, please provide your full name and the organization you represent to Mary Herrmann, at mary.herrmann@dhs.gov or (202) 272-1213 by COB Thursday, September 17th.
    Be sure to arrive at least 15 minutes early to allow extra time to be processed through security and bring a photo I.D.

    Via webinar/telephone � log-in information will be provided when you respond. Please provide your full name and the organization you represent to Mary Herrmann, at mary.herrmann@dhs.gov or (202) 272-1213 by COB Thursday, September 17th.
    We look forward to seeing you!

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  • tempgc
    11-05 10:16 AM
    Hi all,
    If anyone knows TSC fax number, can you please share that with me. I am a July 2nd 485/ EAD/ AP filer and I didnot receive my AP yet. My H1 visa got expired and i need to goto India ASAP.

    Thanks a lot


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  • xyz
    06-14 06:39 PM
    Interesting findings in the USCIS Ombudsman report - 2007.


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  • aat0995
    08-01 04:58 PM
    My application got approved today! Good luck to everyone.


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  • yabadaba
    10-25 04:09 PM
    my wife is moving to another employer. they filed her h1b transfer 2 weeks back. does anyone have an estimate on when she should get her receipt???

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  • handless
    04-18 06:00 PM
    heres another one for ya, there real basic but hey simplisity is good.


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  • ajaykk
    11-08 01:43 PM
    Thanks WebM for you reply.

    More questions, what if I dont appear for visa for my H1 and comeback on AP? Is it ok to enter on AP without a valid visa?
    Can I stay on H1 and apply for extension next year? Can I change employer in future?


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  • Blog Feeds
    11-09 03:40 PM
    Immigration Visa Attorney Blog Has Just Posted the Following:
    The H-1B quota is slowing reaching its limit. The so-called advanced degree cap is now full and approximately 53,800 cases have been counted against the 65,000 allocated to the regular cap. USCIS has advised that those wishing to be counted against this year's cap should submit their applications as soon as possible.

    A lot has been said about how much longer the H-1B quota has lasted this year. There's a been a lot of speculation about the reasons why the quota is still open. It's pretty obvious that the economic situation has led to a reduced number of filings, but less people talk about the other reason. USCIS is generally pretty skeptical about the H-1B program, believing that many candidates for H-1B are filing marginal cases. This has increased the number of requests for evidence that USCIS has issued this season as well.

    While the open cap provides an opportunity for a late-season submission, H-1B applicants and their employers should be well aware of the scrutiny they may have to endure. Working with advocates like the attorneys at Fong & Chun, LLP will ensure that you have a candid opinion before you make the decision to file an H-1B and how you can make a difference in your chances by simply being educated about the H-1B process.

    Anyone wishing to file an H-1B case should call the attorneys at Fong & Chun, LLP for a free consultation and realistic assessment of their case. ---ecf

    More... (http://www.immigrationvisaattorneyblog.com/2009/11/h1b-quota-advanced-degree-cap.html)


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  • RNGC
    02-11 04:28 PM
    don't understand...dum it down please...

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  • wandmaker
    10-29 05:56 PM
    H1-B Extension after 6 years.

    Is it mandatory that I have to work at the employer who is processing my GC to get the extension on H1-B beyond 6 years?

    I have changed my employment after I-140 approved. But the previous employer agreed to continue the GC process. I could not file 485 due to PD is not current.

    The 6 yrs limit on H1 is about to be over.
    Is it possible to extend H1-B after 6 yrs at the new employer, based on the I-140 approved by previous employer as green card is process? Or is it mandatory that I have to work at the employer who is processing my GC to get the extension on H1-B beyond 6 years?

    Thanks in advance

    In order to extend H1B beyond six years, you do not require to be with the GC sponsoring employer. One must have filed a labor 365 days before 6th year end date. 1 or 3 years extension is based on what stage of GC processing you are in. Hope this helps!

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  • gparr
    January 9th, 2004, 05:54 AM
    That'd be great. I sent you a private message. Your profile says you don't want e-mail and thus, I don't have your e-mail address.

    USCIS & DOS - how can we get more media attention? [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : USCIS & DOS - how can we get more media attention?

    06-15 11:32 AM
    Does anyone know if you can file for I-485 on a B1/B2 or do you need to have an H4 status?

    08-22 11:57 PM
    Please consult qualified attorney.

    I've recently filed my 485.

    In my labor and I140 I have my job title as ' Data ware house architect'.

    My H1 says 'Programmer Analyst'. So while applying my 485 I menationed my current occupation as 'Programmer Analyst', which is different from what my labor and 140 says.Will this create any problem?

    Please advise.

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