Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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  • Che Castro
    Apr 28, 08:09 PM
    When the phone is a sleep and u get a call i want the time to be displayed either below the callers name or on the statusbar

    Is there a tweak in cydia or in normal settings that can do this

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  • Jetson
    Oct 31, 08:18 AM
    A month from now I might ask myself, "What was I thinking?" about one or more songs.

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  • mikeschmeee
    May 3, 02:39 AM
    Here are a few more from me... ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

    My favorite VW of all time but it needs some wider wheels to fill in those fender flares.
    The girls that were inside were smokin' hot in my books!

    I have many more photos I'll put up in the morning. A few exotic cars came out. I need sleep....

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  • Doctor Q
    Feb 14, 07:54 PM
    Yes it can be done. When you start the poll, check the checkbox that says
    Allow multiple choice: Give users the ability to select more than one answer
    Users will be able to vote for any number of your poll choices so make sure that your poll explains how many to vote for.


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  • sparkomatic
    Feb 3, 10:10 AM
    Mine at the moment. The photo's one of my own from Yosemite.

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  • LOLWinner
    Mar 28, 02:26 PM
    LOL it amazes me how little you guys know about the law. Please report me to the authorities, there is absolutely nothing they can do legally. I even discussed it with my professor who monitored my bar and he got a kick out of it as well haha.

    So please, humor me that I'm not a real law student and don't know what I'm talking about. Sorry Apple geeks your area of expertise obviously isn't the political discourse of America. :P

    Try my other theories too, like entering my home, etc. Seriously, just humor me. (more so than I already am) LOL

    <3 little idiots <3


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  • lsvtecjohn3
    Mar 25, 11:07 AM
    I've been saying that Apple was going to replace Google maps in iOS since last year in iOS 5. I hope I'm right.

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  • Macs R Us
    Oct 14, 04:55 PM
    Neat site... Now the MSN Users can have fun :rolleyes: ... Well it still is really cool!


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  • user582
    Apr 14, 07:56 PM
    My application produces a timer value when I shake the iphone. I need to perform 8 shakes and after each shake, i need to save that particular result into a file and later retrieve these values from the file to convert them into binary format. Can someone tell me if this can be done? If so, how?


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  • mattkidd
    Feb 22, 02:46 PM

    Does anyone have any large high quality/resolution images? that i can use, of these devices for a presentation:

    iPhone 4
    iPod Touch 4G

    Would really appreciate the help! ;)



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  • rprebel
    Oct 7, 10:09 PM
    just changed mine,going to keep it for long :)
    Cool. Great use of GT.:)

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  • iBuferd
    Jul 10, 09:41 PM
    Anyone coming?


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  • cambookpro
    Apr 13, 03:20 PM
    Dude. I just quoted you and gave you the link to the original above.

    Lol, really sorry I just completely missed your post!
    Thanks so much man :cool:

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  • xraytech
    Apr 1, 01:56 AM
    Get this guy an HDMI Adaptor XD


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  • twoodcc
    Jan 25, 05:35 PM
    well guys i'm finally moved into the new house, and finally got internet going today. but the internet is terrible here, no cable - just DSL @3.0 mbps.

    i just got 4 x 260's folding at the moment.

    i will crank up some of the other rigs during the week or weekend.

    during the move, for some reason my hard drive crashed on my main folding rig. i had to replace the hard drive, and i got it running as a hackintosh at the moment (while i didn't have internet; just to play around with) but i still have to install windows on it and get everything setup.

    looks like everyone has been folding well while i've been out the last couple of weeks though. great job everyone! :)

    we are now #62 overall though. hopefully we can continue to get better.

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  • ciTiger
    May 2, 06:03 PM
    This is a nice initiative! Keep it up!


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  • bozzykid
    Mar 25, 11:41 AM
    Not sure how people have gotten the idea that only Google has map data...

    Maps are old, people. They've been digitized for a damn long time. There are good sources of data available should Apple want to go in that direction.

    Now, when you talk about StreetView, yeah, that may be something of an issue.

    Yes, Navteq and Tele Atlas own the market when it comes to road data. However, these days maps are so much more than road information. Google has spent quite a few years obtaining data on places (w/ reviews), streetview, satellite images, etc. They obtain their information from more than just google maps users as well. I'm not sure how Apple can start from scratch and be able to match that kind of data that Google has.

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  • Sweener88
    Oct 10, 01:13 AM
    I have ten that rotate every minute:

    Whered u get that dock!? :)

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  • WiiDSmoker
    Apr 6, 12:21 PM
    Beats my 24 TB NAS :(

    Aug 2, 02:54 AM

    Click for larger.

    Mar 25, 11:46 AM
    I can't see apple employees driving around remapping the world to get their own data base

    No need. Apple would just license the map data from either Navteq or Tele Atlas. The map data that Google uses at present is TeleAtlas (Especially for Europe).

    May 5, 10:14 AM
    Hi All,

    I have recently run into this weird system font. I have attached a screenshot to show what I mean by the weird error font. I don't remember me doing anything related to the font or the system system but just happened the next day. I have tried to seek for solution online but not successful, perhaps cause i can't explain it in detail.

    Please can anyone help and let me know if there is any way that I can reverse it back to default original. Thank you very much.

    Apr 21, 11:38 AM
    Except iOS is not a exclusively a smartphone OS. Again, if you are a developer, the metric that matters is how many devices are using the particular platform.

    You can't have it both ways. You can't compare one phone (the iPhone) against every phone out that runs Android. You either have to do a one-to-one comparison of manufacturer to manufacture (that gives you revenue/number of handsets sold/profitability /market share, etc... Android has no revenue, only the manufacturers). Or you have to compare platforms, which includes all iOS devices and all Android devices capable of running apps such as PMPs, tablets and phones. Here, you can look at how much Google makes from ads generated by users of Android phones which, i think is a more valuable and telling metric. And one that would benefit the Android argument.

    But the main point is: DEVELOPERS JUST DON"T CARE ABOUT iPHONE VS. ANDROID, or iPhone vs. HTC, or iPhone vs. anything. All they care about is how many people will have access to their app. THEY ARE THE ONES THAT COUNT! Not you, fandroids, or Apple lovers.

    Really, it's kind of a pointless article. The majority of people arguing over this do not develop apps. I'm sure there are some devs who do, but their time would be far better spent making sure their apps are available for both devices.

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR you can compare smartphone OSs like what is normally done.

    Apr 15, 08:02 PM
    Bisexuality was openly accepted. You do realize thatEurope's population is expected to fall catastrophically due to a low birth rate

    And that concerns you how??

    Have sex with someone of the opposite gender isn't exactly a homosexual thing, in-vitro fertilisation is immoral and the government can opt not to allow homosexuals adoption privilege.


    ACT UP made some people glad for AIDS, "God's curse on sodomites". Treating people like crap doesn't exactly improve relations

    Double wow, without a disclaimer from you.

    I do believe your time here would be better spent somewhere else.


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