Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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  • vincenz
    Apr 4, 11:26 AM
    I bet they did this 1) because they can and 2) to stop people from upgrading early and reselling the phones for profit

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  • Funkymonk
    Apr 29, 12:26 PM
    check wiki.

    samsung electronics (not the samsung group just electronics) is 2x or 3x times bigger in revenue than apple.

    samsung is #2 patents holdings in USA. apple barely broke into top 5 recently.

    $$ and patents holdings tell me it won't be so easy for apple.

    don't bother. as far as some members here are concerned Apple is an untouchable divine entity

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  • adroit
    May 4, 11:31 PM
    It's still barbaric. Just like it was yesterday, just like it will be tomorrow.

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  • wordoflife
    Apr 2, 07:40 PM
    That is awesome.


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  • AppleCode
    Aug 12, 12:06 PM
    It's call Flurry and you can find it at IconFactory

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  • alph45
    Mar 25, 01:15 PM
    i would try the osx forum or hardware forum.


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  • jrko
    Apr 15, 11:34 AM
    Oh Fart!!:mad:

    I forgot that I only have 256Mb RAM so I can't load it up. The other Dimm flipped out and panicked.

    So this could be the longest 10.5 instal ever :D

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  • MacinDoc
    Apr 13, 07:53 PM
    Hahaha Yea... Meant CDMA! Nevertheless... New iPhone in Feb as well as the white one later this month! Definately no iPhone 5 coming this year!
    ...or at least not until the fall, perhaps in time for holiday purchases (late October maybe?)


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  • scotty96LSC
    Sep 4, 03:24 PM
    You can make the dock transparent with Mirage Dock. Works with 2D or 3D dock.
    Good point.

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  • lmalave
    Sep 27, 10:41 AM
    Stick around.There's cooler stuff on the way ;)

    Hmm...are Address Book and iCal going to get the same treatment? It would be great for .Mac to finally have an offering that competes with what Yahoo, Google, etc. have been providing for free for quite some time...

    ...or could it go even farther? What about an online version of iWeb, where you could edit and publish webpages directly from the browser, with drag-n-drop and all that goodness.

    Oooh - I just started salivating over iPhone integration possibilities!!!! How about having the iPhone sync with .Mac directly - even if you're not anywhere near your computer? Or how about the iPhone having mobile blogging software that will publish blog entries to a blog on your .Mac website? These are all features that other phones and websites offer, but the difference for Apple would be the seamlessness of the Mac/iPhone/.Mac integraton...


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  • Heavy Fluid
    Oct 1, 12:09 PM
    Continuing with my Heat theme.

    Question...anyone know where i can change the SD card and jumpdrive icons in Candybar?

    You don't. You change the icon when the drive is plugged in. It should let you.

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  • Marvin1379
    May 1, 10:36 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Similar to the message that "" sent in the 90s? Hey, I purchased aol, or prodigy, or compuserve. Just bc we have a plethora of choices of free services, it doesn't mean that someone who pays for something is obnoxious.


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  • njmac
    Oct 31, 06:53 PM
    I saw it at ( too.

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  • Samsquantch
    Aug 2, 12:19 AM

    You can see the full-size version here (


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  • eric.c
    Sep 4, 12:42 AM (

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  • maclaptop
    Apr 28, 10:03 PM
    The Samsung Galaxy S II is a very impressive smartphone.

    It also includes Swype, the best touch screen input method ever. I've been using swype for months. The speed, accuracy, and enjoyment of using it, is simply amazing.

    I'm so disappointed that Apple rejected it. Swype would add even more fun to the iPhone. Not to mention its incredible ease of use and speed.


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  • UKBorgs
    Aug 16, 06:34 AM
    Changed all my geektool crap around.

    Love the look there. Any chance you could direct me atleast on how to achieve that look, geektool and all, please? Or somewhere that I may get to grips with this?


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  • revelated
    Jan 21, 11:15 PM
    He doesn't need to actually drive that trip to be skeptical of your claim of a thousand miles on a tank of gas. Frankly, I'm skeptical of it too.

    Okay, but you're claiming double that. Not 10% more or 20% more - double.

    No. I'm claiming I got to Phoenix on half a tank of gas which is entirely doable and possible, if you know how to drive properly on freeways. Lead foots won't pull it off. Just because I got there with half a tank to spare after 500 miles does not automatically equate to 1000 on a full tank. Again, you people need to stop riding the numbers. It's not that simple.

    After I got to Phoenix it was all city streets. The remainder of the gas burned out rather quickly. I'd say I was able to do a total of about 600 miles when it was all said and done. Again, the car is not burning gas if you're not pressing the accelerator. If the car is already going 80 MPH on a stretch, there's little need to press the accelerator constantly. All you have to do is tap it every so often to keep the car's momentum going, but in the meantime you're still traveling 80 MPH. You might only burn a quarter's worth of gas if you know how to not ride the accelerator.

    Point being - it CAN be done, so don't tell me the Altima is less efficient than the Versa.

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  • AppleCode
    Sep 4, 04:36 PM
    Mine for the month

    Oct 31, 12:19 PM
    I wonder if the Shuffle will ever have more than 2 gigabytes. It's form factor seems to limit it, not because there'll never 2 gigabyte storage that small (there will), but because you can't select songs. I wonder how useful a 10 gig Shuffle would be. (Maybe it would be useful...

    I bet the next revision of the shuffle will be 2GB - and will remain the same form factor (if this proves popular). There currently are FLASH chips in 2GB capacity that would fit right into the new shuffle. The catch is the price... Market value on smaller 2GB chips is about 5X the price of 1GB chips right now. In other words, Apple could release a 2GB version of the G2 Shuffle, it would just cost about another $100 and there probably isn't sufficeint production yield of 2GB chips yet. But in it's new/current form, the small size and ~240 song capacity for about $80 makes it a real winner.

    Feb 2, 11:42 AM
    what's the weather app call, i like to have something similar on my 2nd screen, thanks...

    Its just called Yahoo! Weather via Yahoo widgets. =)

    Mr Snubbles
    Apr 25, 11:06 AM
    Ummmm.. what if I bought a iPhone 4 at launch. Recently broke it... and now want the white one?

    Jul 10, 01:31 PM
    Was wondering if you can use 2 bluetooth headsets at the same time.

    Apr 6, 02:21 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Well based on the news that Apple's new NC data center was the largest for a single company. I would say yes.

    No way ... each gmail account gets upwards of 7 gigabytes of storage ... do you even know how many gmail accounts there are?

    Google definitely has more than Apple, it may be that they spread it over multiple data centers, so it's not counted as one.

    Yea.. But they dot have 7GB actually sitting there for that one customer. They might have 10 allocated to 10 customers and add as they need to, because I bet 99% of gmail users don't have 1Gb on there! People don't think about stuff like this...

    So of EVERYONE had a 64gb iPad that was going to have auto sync to these servers, a 64gb space might work for 2 or 3 customers that only have half or a third of their iPad filled. When a company says you get 7GB they don't hol that space for you, they just allow you to use that much.

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